All Forum presentations are available for attendees only. All presentations approved for public access are linked below.

AAAA Joseph P. Cribbins 46th Annual Aviation Product Sustainment Symposium Presentations

Tuesday, November 13

Morning Session – East Hall 3

0805 – 0815    The Huntsville/Redstone Partnership – Mayor Tommy Battle
0815 – 0825    Historical Perspective – Mr. Gary Nenninger, TVC President
0825 – 0845    AAAA Functional Awards – BG (Ret.) Mundt, Mr. Bill Harris
0845 – 0915    Keynote Speaker – MG Douglas M. Gabram, Commanding General, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile 
                         Life Cycle Management Command (AMCOM)
0915 – 0945    Industry Speaker – Mr. Albert L. Winn, WINNing Strategies, LLC
1015 – 1045    Future Vertical Lift Cross-Functional Team – BG Walter T. Rugen, Director

1045 – 1145    AMCOM Panel – Optimizing Maintenance to Improve Operational Readiness – Chair: MG (Ret.) Jim Myles;
Mr. Todd Hill, Quantitech;
Mr. Brad Oxenford, Columbia Helicopters;
Mr. Mark Davis, Sikorsky FVL Log Chief;
Mr. Mark Thomson, Bell FVL

Afternoon Session – East Hall 3
1245 – 1315    SOCOM Update – COL David C. Phillips, Program Executive Officer, Special Operations Forces Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics – Rotary Wing

1315 – 1430    SOCOM Panel – Chair: MG (Ret.)
Clayton Hutmacher;
COL David Phillips, PEO RW;
LTC Mike Roder, SIMO;
COL Scott Beall, TAPO;
Mr. Dave Koopersmith, Boeing
Mr. Steve Monroe, LMCO;
Mr. Tracy Stapleton, Ace Aero

1500 – 1615    FVL Panel – Chair: GEN (Ret.) Dick Cody;
BG K. Todd Royar, Dep. CG, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault);
BG Walter T. Rugen, Dir., FVL CFT;
Mr. Andrew Hunter, Ctr. for Strat. & Intl. Studies;
Mr. David Arterburn, UAH Rotorcraft Sys. Eng. & Sim.

1615 – 1645    AAAA Tennessee Valley Chapter Mission Area Awards – Mr. Gary Nenninger

Wednesday, November 14

Morning Session – East Hall 3
0745 – 0750    Opening Remarks – Mr. Gary Nenninger, TVC President (Pledge of Allegiance)
0750 – 0800    Tribute to Joseph P. Cribbins – COL (Ret.) Mike Boyd, former Cribbins staffer
0800 – 0830    Operational Perspective – BG K. Todd Royar, Deputy Commanding General, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)
0830 – 0900    Program Executive Officer Aviation Update – BG Thomas H. Todd III, PEO

0900 – 1015    AMCOM Panel – Expeditionary Operations In Support of Large Scale Combat Operations – Chair: MG (Ret.) Lynn Collyar;
COL Craig Alia, CoS FVL CFT;
CW5 Mike Cavaco, Branch Avn. Maint. Off;
CSM Brian Hauke, USAACE CSM;
Mr. Rick Crogan, DynCorp Intl.;
Mr. Ron Riling, BOH Industrial;
COL (Ret.) Chris Carlile, AECOM 

1045 – 1200    AMCOM Panel – Achieving Strategic Depth Within the Supply Chain – Chair: MG (Ret.) Jim Rogers;
Mr. Don Nitti, Actg. ED ALC;
Dr. Amy Lawrence, ADD Man AMRDEC;
SGM Woody Sullivan, PEO Avn SGM;
Ms. KJ Jolivette, Boeing;
Mr. Quinlan Lyle, LM-Sikorsky Sustainment Rep.

Afternoon Session – East Hall 3
1300 – 1415    PM Panel #1 – Chair: LTG (Ret.) William N. Phillips;
COL Johnathan Frasier, PM Avn. Sys.,
COL Roger Kuykendall, PM Avn. Turbine Eng.,
COL John Vannoy, PM Multi-National Avn. Spec. Proj. Off.,
Mr. Nick Hartney, Honeywell;
COL Steve Clark, PM FVL;
Mr. Rick LeBlanc, Leidos ;
Dr. Triveni Upadhyay, Mayflower Comms.

1445 – 1600    PM Panel #2 – Chair: Mr. Paul Bogosian;
COL James DeBoer, PM Fixed Wing;
COL Billy Jackson, PM Utility Hel.;
COL Greg Fortier, PM Cargo Hel .;
Mr. Kirk McCauley, DynCorp Intl.;
Mr. Jim Andrews, LM-Sikorsky;
Mr. Chuck Dabundo, Boeing

1600 – 1715    PM Panel #3 – Chair: LTG (Ret.) Mark Curran;
COL Tal Sheppard, PM Apache Atk. Hel.;
COL Dave Warnick, PM Joint Atk. Munitions Sys.;
COL Scott Anderson, PM Unmanned Acft. Sys.;
Mr. Rob Johnston, L3 Tech.;
Mr. Dave Phillips, Textron Systems;
Mr. Don Cattell, General Atomics;
Mr. Rich Benton, Lockheed Martin