2023 ASE Presentations

All available presentations are posted below:

Monday, September 11, 2023

Keynote Address  
MG Michael C. McCurry, Commanding General
Program Executive Officer Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and Sensors Update  
BG W. Ed Barker, PEO

Special Operations Aviation Update  
COL Scott Wilkinson, Commander, U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Cmd.
Special Operations Aviation Update Video
Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) Program Update
COL Brock A. Zimmerman, Project Manager

Panel: Industry/Operational Support
Moderator: MG K. Todd Royar, Ret.
Mr. Chris Hamman, BAE
Mr. Jay King, Danbury Mission Technologies
Mr. Alexander Shepherd, Lockheed Martin
CW5 (Ret.) Brendan Kelly, Northrop Grumman
Mr. Scott Beall, Sierra Nevada Corp.
Mr. Mike Paturzo, Textron Systems

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Panel: Warfighter Leaders
Moderator: BG Tim Edens, Ret.
COL John Morris, Cdr., 1AD CAB
CW4 Matthew Garrand, UTARNG
CW3 Joshua Palowitch, AAAA AMSO of the Year

Joint Aircraft Survivability Project Office (JASPO) Update  
Mr. Dennis S. Lindell, Director

Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft  
COL Kevin Chaney, PM FARA

Future Long Range Assault Aircraft
LTC Zachary Keefer, PdM Mod., FLRAA

Panel: Defense Programs Update
Moderator: BG Tom Cole, Ret., former PEO IEW&S
LtCol Russell Strange, USMC, PMA-272
LtCol Marvin Carder, USAF, LAIRCM PMO
Mr. Vito Grignano, USAF, ACC Ip Spt. Br.

Panel: Future Work
Moderator: Mr. Ralph Troisio, Deputy Assistant Director, Soldier & Platform Mission Equipment, Research and Technology Integration Directorate (RTI), DEVCOM C5ISR Center
CW5 (Ret.) Darren Monroe, EW SME, C5ISRC
Mr. Brian Rianhard, GTRI
Mr. Tony Moffatt, UAH RSESC

Program Executive Office Aviation Update
Mr. Forrest Collier, Chief of Staff

Future Vertical Lift Cross-Functional Team
COL John Broam, Chief of Staff

ASE and Mission Planning Integration  
CW5 Wade Ziegler and CW3 Tyler Dodds, U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command

Program Executive Office Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI)
COL Nickolas Kioutas, PM Synthetic Environ

Army Reprogramming Analysis Team Update
Mr. Eric Bowes, Program Manager

Embedded ASE B-Kit Emulator (E-ABE) Panel
Moderator: Mr. Steven Hinton, PM ASE
Mr. Matthew Merryman, PM ASE
CW4 (Ret.) Clay Carnes, PM ASE
CW4 Christopher Crawford, USAACE

Aviation Mission Survivability (AMS) Branch Update and Symposium Wrap-Up   
CW4 Christopher Crawford, Chief, Survivability Branch, DoTD USAACE