Section 2.1.3 of the By-Laws states that Chapter Honorary members are "those persons who, in the opinion of the Chapter Executive Board, have given outstanding support to Army Aviation."


There are no limitations on the number of Chapter Honorary Memberships a Chapter may present in any calendar year. The National Office encourages each AAAA Chapter activity to present at least one Chapter Honorary Membership during each calendar year.


The AAAA National Office provides the following as the "credentials" of Chapter Honorary Membership:

  • A "Certificate of Honorary Membership" in the AAAA
  • A membership card (wallet size)
  • An AAAA Lapel Insignia
  • An AAAA Decal


The membership dues for the Honorary Member is available at a 25% discount and are charged to the Chapter's subsequent refunds.


An "Honorary Membership" renewal notice will be forwarded to the Chapter President at the end of the year, and the Chapter may exercise the option of renewing the membership for another 12-month period at the discounted rate. Care should be taken at the initial presentation ceremony to brief the Honorary Member as to the one year aspect of his or her membership. This can be accomplished by citing a specific annual period in the presentation ceremony.


Planning for the ceremony involving the presentation of the credentials should include the presence of a photographer. The Chapter President presents the Honorary Membership "credentials" in the company of one or more of his fellow Chapter officers. A copy of the photograph and a brief press release should be forwarded to the AAAAA National Office for inclusion in Army Aviation, the AAAA's official magazine as well as social media outlets.


The Chapter should refer to the Honorary Membership form. Membership will commence the first day of the month following receipt of the application at the AAAA National Office.