THE PRESIDENT: Serves as Chairman of the Chapter Executive Board; implements National Executive Board policies within the Chapter; implements the desires of the membership as expressed by a legal vote; presides at all formal Chapter meetings; makes an annual report to the Chapter membership covering the significant events and programs during his/her tenure of office; performs such other duties as are normally attached to this office and such duties as are in the best interest of the Chapter Executive Board and its membership.

THE SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT: Assumes the duties of the Chapter President and represents the membership in the temporary absence of the President; assists the President in such matters as the President may direct.

THE SECRETARY: Prepares and maintains the minutes of all formal Chapter meetings; provides the National Office with a file copy of the minutes of each Chapter business meeting; and is responsible for the procurement, custody, and disbursement of all Association forms, stationery, and promotional material.

THE TREASURER: Receives, deposits, disburses and is accountable for all Chapter funds; prepares and maintains all records attesting to the receipt, custody, and disbursement of Chapter funds; draws checks in the name of the Chapter to meet Chapter obligations; prepares a budget based upon planned receipts and expenditures; makes all fiscal records available for examination by any member of the Executive Board upon request by that member; and provides the National Office with a statement of Chapter income and expenditures, countersigned by the President.

THE VICE PRESIDENT FOR MEMBERSHIP: Advises the Chapter Executive Board on the trends in new membership and membership retention; proposes and implements policies, programs, and procedures concerned with the recruitment of new Association members and retention of Association members within the Chapter area.

THE VICE PRESIDENT FOR PROGRAMMING: Works with the appropriate Chapter officer to set up membership meetings and other events for the Chapter. Coordinates with event facilities for meetings and contacts the National Office to ensure that events are properly recognized.

THE VICE PRESIDENT FOR SCHOLARSHIPS: Specific duties to be assigned by the President. The VP for Scholarships may coordinate with the Chapter Treasurer concerning funds designated to the Chapter’s scholarships and work with the National Office concerning requirements for the Chapter’s scholarship funds.

OTHER CHAPTER VICE PRESIDENTS: Specific duties to be assigned by the Chapter President.

Chapter Officer Acceptance Form