MSG John Bae

Army Aviation Hall of Fame 2001 Induction - Charlotte, NC

MSG John Bae has been a unique contributor for more than 30 years to Army aviation and the association that supports it. In fact, he has been Army aviation's ambassador extraordinaire to the Republic of Korea.

His knowledge of the inner workings of the Korean Government and his personal rapport with national leaders have enabled him to accomplish tasks beyond the reach of peers and seniors. From locating downed aircraft in a matter of minutes to providing sage guidance on protocol issues, he has been a repository of key information and ability that senior Army officials have turned to.

Bae's talent, dedication and unique qualities enabled him to rise from clerk in the 6th Helicopter Company to master sergeant at retirement. He then became operations chief at the Yongson Heliport that serves the highest officials of the U.S. and Korean governments. In 1984 he personally created the Korea Auxiliary of the Quad A Morning Calm Chapter. During the past 15 years the Auxiliary has given $350,000 in awards, assistance and grants to Army aviation soldiers.

While records are not sufficiently detailed for an accurate count, it is widely acknowledged that he has recruited over 9,000 members for Quad A. He has received the association's recruiting Top Gun Award for nine of the last 10 years.

It is doubtful that any single enlisted soldier has done more, year after year, than John Bae to impact positively on the lives of Army aviation soldiers and their families.