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NEW Logistics Technician of the Year Award

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Focusing on Local Chapters to Reenergize Our Membership

President's Cockpit / By MG Tim Crosby, Ret.  

Let me start by saying that I am honored to serve as your 35th AAAA President. As your new President, I first want to thank MG (Ret.) Jeff Schloesser for his outstanding leadership these last two very, very tough years. 

Jeff has left us an Association in great shape from membership to finances to organization despite the complications and stress of COVID.

Next, I want to welcome BG (Ret.) Tim Edens to the National Executive Group (NEG) as our new national Secretary. The Senior VP is now MG (Ret.) Walt Davis, and the new Treasurer is MG (Ret.) Wally Golden. Rounding out the rest of the NEG is MG (Ret.) Les Eisner, VP National Guard and Reserve; VP Membership, CW4 Becki Chambers; LTC (Ret.) Jan Drabczuk, VP Chapters; and Dr. (COL, Ret.) Hal Kushner, our VP of Member and Family Wellness.  Continue Reading

COVID-19 Update

Our Headquarters office Staff are working from home due to concerns over COVID-19. The staff will continue to be maintaining email during regular business hours, and may be reached on their extensions. Your voicemail messages will be immediately forwarded to the staff members email. Please note that some mailings may be delayed during this time. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you.

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