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Implementing the Strategic Plan

President's Cockpit / By MG Tim Crosby, Ret.  

Your AAAA Leadership Team has been quite busy since we left the 2022 Summit in Nashville.

We assembled the AAAA National Executive Group up in Connecticut at the beginning of May. Our purpose was to review short term initiatives for the next year, and we started to implement the longer-term Strategic Plan for AAAA which was so ably drafted by COL (Ret.) Shelly Yarborough.

All ten of your NEG (eight in person and two virtually) were introduced/re-introduced to the AAAA staff members. What a great team of dedicated professionals that passionately support you every day. They work quietly in the background to make our Association the premier aviation association that is envied by all. We especially enjoyed meeting all the new young folks who have joined over the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic who are covering everything from social media, to meeting planning, marketing, sales, and member engagement.

Over the next couple of days, we worked initiatives in the areas of membership, increased benefits to our corporate members, chapter activities and support, and updated our SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis to better inform our decisions going forward.  Continue Reading

COVID-19 Update

Our Headquarters office Staff are working from home due to concerns over COVID-19. The staff will continue to be maintaining email during regular business hours, and may be reached on their extensions. Your voicemail messages will be immediately forwarded to the staff members email. Please note that some mailings may be delayed during this time. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you.

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