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Scholarship Deadlines Moved! Suspense – December 15!

President's Cockpit / By MG Tim Crosby, Ret.  

As I mentioned in my previous article, I have been focusing my attention on our diverse chapters, visiting as many as possible (up to 15 now), and seeking their counsel and ideas.

In response to their direct feedback, I relayed to and asked our Scholarship Foundation to consider realigning the scholarship selection timeline to facilitate student, family and AAAA recognition at the graduation events.

By now, I am confident that you have had a chance to review my all-hands email to our members regarding the move to accommodate the presentation of the AAAA scholarships in line with Spring local high school graduations each year. As I mentioned in the August 13 message, the AAAASFI President, BG Mike Flowers, Ret., aggressively supported this request, and the AAAASFI board has now voted to change their fiscal year to make this happen. This is really a great change as it directly supports our AAAA Recognition pillar. This schedule realignment facilitates recognition of the scholarship recipient, the family sponsor, that chapter and AAAA at the graduation event. In the past, the announcements were made after the student graduated. I would like to personally thank Mike and his team for their incredibly quick and decisive action on this request. Continue Reading

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