Dear AAAA Members:
We would like to wish a very Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends of AAAA!
For those who are of different faiths, Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that remembers and appreciates the battles the Maccabees levied against their oppressors and how they were able to win their religious freedom. It is also known as the Festival of Lights that is celebrated for 8 days. Hanukkah begins in the evening of Sunday, November 28 and ends in the evening of December 6.  
Happy Hanukkah!

MG Tim Crosby, U.S. Army, Retired
35th President of AAAA  


  • BIG CHANGES TO AAAA SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION, INC.Program is now open as of September 1 and Closes December 15, 2021!
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  • Extended to December 31st - 2021 Bonus Funds Funding Request: Each chapter is eligible to request up to $1000 in additional funding to host a fun, innovative, welcome back event for your chapter members. We hope these funds will allow our members to reconnect with one another in celebration of the spirit of Army Aviation. To apply for these funds, please click the link here and submit the funding request. Once approved, the funds will be transferred to your chapter's Bank of America account.

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Heading Into A Very Busy End of the Year

President's Cockpit / By MG Tim Crosby, Ret.  

We are rapidly closing in on the end of the year and a lot is going on as we start the ramp up to our busiest few months culminating in the Spring with the AAAA Annual Summit in Nashville.

First, remember we have dramatically changed the Scholarship application schedule. The window for 2022 awards opened on September 1 and closes on December 15. We already have a couple hundred received so obviously the word is getting out to the field. Keep them coming! Note to Chapter Scholarship VPs – be prepared to respond to the national office with your 2022 program as soon as you receive your fund balances in January 2022. Remember, this shift in schedule was based on feedback from the chapters and is designed to allow you to present in time for high school graduation in the Spring. Next, I am continuing my chapter visits, most recently through Arizona and Texas. I have to say it gets me pumped up to hear directly from your local leaders on current activities, plans for the future and how we at National can better support all of you. It helps me to understand the uniqueness and challenges of each chapter.

Looking forward to upcoming events, we are closely tracking progress against the Delta COVID variant with an eye towards the upcoming Joseph P. Cribbins Training, Equipping and Sustainment Symposium in Huntsville, AL November 15-17, and the Luther Jones Army Aviation Depot Forum in Corpus Christi, TX on December 7-8. As of this writing, things are looking a bit more positive, but the actual go/no go decision will be made after this issue goes to press. Frankly, a lot will depend on how the AUSA event goes in DC in October. Like AAAA, AUSA is also requiring full vaccination to attend which seems to be the emerging standard in the meetings industry nationwide. As a reminder, the Cribbins event is vastly expanded to include the Class of 2020 and 2021 Hall of Fame Inductions and the 2020 and 2021 National Awards like the Aviator of the Year, Crew Chief of the Year, and the units of the year. We expect it will end up drawing several thousand folks and evolve to be an AAAA Annual Summit (light), six months out from the big Annual event generally in Nashville each year. Continue Reading

COVID-19 Update

Our Headquarters office Staff are working from home due to concerns over COVID-19. The staff will continue to be maintaining email during regular business hours, and may be reached on their extensions. Your voicemail messages will be immediately forwarded to the staff members email. Please note that some mailings may be delayed during this time. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you.

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