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2014 SUMMIT Quick Facts: May 4-6

  Gaylord Opryland Hotel
  2800 Opryland Drive, Nashville, TN 37214

  May 4, 1630 – 1930
  May 5, 1100 – 1700
  May 6, 1100 – 1700

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Chapter Matching Fund Program


Established in 1986, a chapter may donate funds annually to receive a matching donation. The scholarships are matched dollar for dollar up to $5K per year based on the chapter size, from the General Fund, subject to General Fund asset availability above a BOG established minimum General Fund floor, and shall be awarded in accord with the wishes of the donor chapter, consistent with Foundation policy, unless otherwise stipulated. Scholarships are awarded first to the top one-third freshmen, upperclassmen, and graduate students, then the middle third freshmen, upperclassmen, and graduate students and lastly the bottom third freshmen, upperclassmen and graduate students.

The tiered categories for award matching are based on membership numbers established at the beginning of each calendar year:

  • Super Chapters (751 members and larger) will be matched up to $3K
  • Master Chapters (301-750 members) will be matched up to $4K
  • Both Senior and AAAA Chapters (300 and less members) will be matched up to $5K


For recipients who are entering their Freshman year, if the Chapter's scholarship is less than $2K the scholarship will be paid out in a one-year grant; if the Chapter's scholarship is less than $4K, the scholarship will be paid out in a two-year grant; and if the Chapter's scholarship is equal to or exceeds $4K, the scholarship will be paid out in a four-year grant; for recipients who are upperclassman or graduate students, the Chapter's scholarship will be paid out in a one-year grant in the amount of the Chapter's scholarship.

Your AAAA Chapter Scholarship will be awarded to a Chapter Member or the spouse, unmarried sibling or unmarried child or grandchild of a current or deceased Chapter Member subject to the options you choose on the Chapter Matching Fund Contribution Form. Forms need to be received to the National Office by June 15 of the year in which the scholarship will be awarded.