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Soldier & NCO of the Month

A Chapter Program to Recognize Outstanding
Aviation Soldiers and Non-Commissioned Officers on a Monthly Basis

The AAAA supports a Chapter Awards Program in which Chapter-selected "Aviation Soldiers and NCOs of the Month" receive complimentary, one-year Association memberships underwritten by the AAAA.


1. A Chapter may submit the name of one Aviation Soldier or NCO of the Month -- twelve (12) per year. Doubling up is not permissible if a Chapter selection is not made in a given month.

2. Fill out the  Soldier of the Month and/or NCO of the Month form

3. Membership begins on the 1st day of the month after the month in which the AAAA National Office receives notification from the Chapter of the "Aviation Soldier or NCO" selection.

4. A 2nd or additional complimentary one-year membership will not be provided by AAAA in the event a particular NCO or Soldier is selected in a later month during his "complimentary membership year." However, the complimentary membership will be provided if the NCO or Soldier is selected in a subsequent year.

5. Notification of the "Soldier or NCO" selection will be published in the next available issue of ARMY AVIATION.

6. The AAAA National Office will prepare a certificate for each "Aviation Soldier or NCO of the Month" for presentation by the local Chapter.