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AAAA 2013 Calendar
19 AAAA SFI Executive Committee (Conference Call) Meeting, Arlington, VA
20 AAAA Scholarship Selection Committee Meeting, Arlington, VA
20-23 NGAUS 135th General Conference, Honolulu, HI
26-29 72nd AVN Flying Tiger Reunion, Huntsville, AL
21-23 AUSA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC
20(T) AAAA Scholarship Board of Governors Meeting, Washington, DC
20(T) AAAA National Executive Board Meeting, Washington, DC
14-18 USAWOA, U.S. Army Warrant Officers Annual Conference, Sacramento, CA
AAAA 2014 Calendar
8-10(T) AUSA Aviation Symposium & Exhibition, National Harbor, MD
10(T) AAAA SFI Executive Committee (Conference Call) Meeting, Arlington VA
11(T) AAAA National Awards Committee Selection Meeting, Arlington, VA
27-29(T) Aviation Senior Leaders Conference, Fort Rucker, AL
12-13 Joseph P. Cribbins Aviation Product Symposium, Huntsville, AL
26-28 AUSA Winter Symposium, Huntsville, AL
1-4 HAI Heli-Expo, Orange Country CC, Orlando, FL
4-7 2014 AAAA Professional Forum and Exposition, Nashville, TN
1 AAAASFI deadline for receipt of all completed scholarship applications