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If you are not receiving your ArmyAviation Magazine or AAAA correspondence, it is because the address and/or email we have on file is incorrect or incomplete.

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If you are currently an AAAA Member and you DO NOT have an active e-mail address on file, please submit this form*: Update Contact Information Form or contact the national office by phone (203-268-2450) with the e-mail address you wish to use as your primary address. The address that you provide will serve as your login name and will be active within two working days. If you have changed your e-mail address you will need to notify us by phone.

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The following list includes AAAA Members with incorrect contact information. If you have a current address or other pertinent information about someone in the "Lost" section please call AAAA Headquarters toll free (800) 722-2769 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Thank you.

Full Name Member Type Last Seen in  or Around
COL Jeffrey M. Foe   Fort Rucker AL
CW5 Lucas K. Abeln   Dothan AL
Ms. Tracy Ayers   Redstone Arsenal AL
1LT Jade Allen   Mililani HI
1LT John G. Blissard   Wahiawa HI
1SG Tigilau Vaoifi   Wahiawa HI
2LT Ryan M. Skowron   Pearl City HI
COL Lance Hylander   Kaneohe HI
CPT Sarah E. Comeau   Ewa Beach HI
CPT William G. Katanik   Ewa Beach HI
CSM Trefus E. Lee   Waipahu HI
SFC Matthew A. Dusch   Wahiawa HI
SGT Collin J. Burrington   Mililani HI
SGT William E. Lyman   Mililani HI
SPC Allen R. Vanhawten   Mililani HI
SPC Marena Drewright   Wheeler AAF HI
SPC Michael J. Nord   Wheeler AAF HI
SPC Michael R. Jay   Wahiawa HI
SPC Richard L. Dupree   Mililani HI
COL Araseki Kazuhito   Higashi-ku, Sapporo-shi Japan
CPT Nadia L. Romero   Fort Campbell KY
MAJ Steven A. Sherrill, Jr.   Bel Air MD
COL Lori L. Daniels   Fayetteville NC
CW4 William P. Highland   Raeford NC
LCDR William Gallaway   Las Vegas NV
Mr. Daniel R. Stefanowich, Jr.   Harrisburg PA
Mr. Jason L. Adams   Quakertown PA
1LT Richard W. Nicholson   New Caney TX
Ms. Chanina Murry, Ret.   Killeen TX
Mr. Frederick Latrash   Arlington VA
1SG Montie J. Johnson, Ret. Life Member APO AP
2LT Arthur W. Galloway Life Member APO AP
LTC John S. Emmerson Life Member Apo AP
Mr. Harold V. Bowie, Jr. Life Member Tempe AZ
COL Howard E. Kinney, Ret. Life Member Fullerton CA
Dr. Mark A. Hofmann Life Member Washington DC
LTG Eugene P. Forrester, Ret. Life Member Washington DC
Ms. Irma A. D'Amato Life Member Washington DC
COL Charles S. Wingate, Ret. Life Member Jacksonville FL
LTC Robert W. Michel, Ret. Life Member Celebration FL
Mr. Martin Coenson Life Member Delray Beach FL
SGM David W. Keller, Ret. Life Member Oakland Park FL
CW3 James D. Cain, Ret. Life Member Decatur GA
CW4 Delbert Jackson, Ret. Life Member Columbus GA
Mr. Gunter Anschuetz Life Member Steinheim Germany
MAJ Jimmy R. Chapman Life Member Honolulu HI
LTC Martin C. Pinkham Life Member Fort Sheridan IL
Mr. Bruno Cussigh Life Member Torino 10138 Italy
LTC Jerry D. Scott Life Member Leavenworth KS
LTG Caryl G. Marsh, Ret. Life Member Leavenworth KS
CPT Christopher Corkery Life Member Weymouth MA
CW3 John C. Healey Life Member Westfield MA
COL Robert B. Pickens, Jr. Ret. Life Member Diamondhead MS
Mr. Steven J. Borman Life Member Spring Lake NC
CPT Matthew R. Nicol Life Member Gahanna OH
Mrs. Rose Weast Life Member Williamsport PA
MAJ J. David Gipson Life Member Murfreesboro TN
CPT Stephen W. Miles Life Member Harker Heights TX
LTC Jeanne M. Lang Life Member El Paso TX
MAJ David A. Jobe Life Member Fort Sam Houston TX
LTC Robert H. Wiese, Ret. Life Member Burke VA
MAJ John W. Kiger, Ret. Life Member Alexandria VA
MAJ L.D. Walker Life Member Norfolk VA
Mr. Howard N. Stuverude Life Member Seattle WA
MAJ Ronald White, Jr. National Honorary Washington DC


* PDF Fillable Forms must be saved to your local computer to function as designed.