The AAAA Scholarship Foundation, Inc., is exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions by donors are deductible as provided in Section 170 of the Code. A donation acknowledgement is mailed to each donor. The AAAA Scholarship Foundation's Federal Tax ID number is 06-0799487.

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Many AAAA members, friends of Army Aviation, relatives of deceased members, AAAA National and Chapter activities, and private businesses make financial contributions to the Foundation. The Foundation also accepts contributions made in memory of an individual. If the contributions made in the memory of an individual total $1,000 or more, a scholarship named in the memory of the individual will be awarded. Permanent (funded) scholarships in memory of an individual of at least $1,000 per annum may also be established when the Permanent Funds generate at least $1,000 annually.

The AAAA Scholarship Foundation is a part of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), a workplace charitable fund drive conducted by the U.S. Government for all federal employees.

The AAAA Scholarship Foundation also benefits from the specific meetings and symposia held by the AAAA's worldwide Chapter activities. These include major contributions from an annual Joseph P. Cribbins Product Support Symposium sponsored by AAAA's Tennessee Valley Chapter and a biennial Avionics Symposium sponsored by AAAA's Monmouth Chapter. Several other AAAA Chapter activities donate between $1,000 to $5,000 annually, their donations being matched by the Foundation under the AAAA Chapter Matching Fund Program.

The AAAA Scholarship Foundation also sponsors a Corporate Matching Fund Program, whereby a corporation may establish a Corporate Perpetual Matching Fund to award scholarships by donating $10,000 over a period of one to five years and receiving a matching donation from the Foundation.

In addition, the Foundation sponsors Heritage Scholarships whereby another unit or veteran?s association may establish a heritage Perpetual Matching Fund by donating $10,000 or more over one to ten years and have the first $10,000 matched by the AAAASFI as it is donated to the Foundation. The intent of this class of scholarship is to keep the sponsoring unit/organization's name alive in perpetuity.