May 3-6 2009

TitlePresenterSize (MB)
One Team, One Fight, One Future MG James O. Barclay  1M
Supporting the Warfighter MG James R. Myles  1.3M
PEO Aviation MG Tim Crosby  .8M
Acquisition Round Table BG Tim Crosby  .8M
Future Developments Panel BG Tim Crosby  1.5M
Army Aviation BG Walt Davis  .5M
Army Safe is Army Strong BG William Wolf and CSM Tod Glidewell  9.2M
Airworthiness in Aviation Acquisition Dr William Lewis, Dir AED  .6M
Year of the NCO CSM Don Sanders  14.3M
Integrated Warfighting Forum MG Tony Cucolo  1.6M
PM Presentations
Air Warrior COL Shannon Womack  2.6M
AMF JTRS COL Ray Jones  3.1M
Apache COL Shane Openshaw  .9M
Aircraft Survivability Equipment APM MAJ Spencer Guida  1.3M
Armed Scout Helicopter COL Keith Robinson  .8M
Aviation Systems COL Anthony Potts  8.3M
Cargo COL Newman Shufflebarger  1.5M
AMCOM Corrosion Program Steven F. Carr  5.2M
Utility Helicopters DPM Keith Roberson  2.8M
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Dir COL Rob Sova  3.4M
Unmanned Aircraft Systems TSM COL Jeff Kappenman  1.2M