The proponent organization for CRSC is DFAS/Army and NOT the VA.

This information has been provided by AAAA in an effort to ensure all our members have the latest available information.

Program Overview

The OLD RULES are OUT...check out the NEW rules!!!

Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) was enacted by Congress on December 2, 2002. In accordance with specific guidance the CRSC program provides compensation for certain Uniformed Service Retirees with combat-related disabilities. CRSC payments are retroactive to 1 June 2003 (if they are eligible at that time) and deposited concurrently with standard retired military pay.

Changes to the CRSC program are in the process of being completed. As of January 1, 2004, CRSC eligibility has been expanded.

It's online and applications are free.

Eliminated from CRSC Eligibility:

  • Minimum 60% VA disability rating.
  • 10% VA disability rating and a Purple Heart.
  • 7200 points for Reserve and National Guard retirees.

Expanded CRSC Eligibility:

  • 10-100% VA disability rating.
  • Reservists and National Guard retirees are eligible at age sixty (60) and receiving retired pay.

Combat Related Eligibility Criteria, 'incurred either:'

  • As direct result of armed conflict; or
  • While engaged in Hazardous service (e.g., flight, diving, parachute duty); or
  • In the performance of duty under conditions simulating war (exercises, field training); or
  • Through an instrumentality of war (combat vehicles, weapons, Agent Orange, etc.)

CRSC Applicants Must Still:

  • Receive retired pay.
  • Receive VA disability compensation.
  • Have combat-related disabilities.

Frequent Errors with CRSC Applications

Delays in processing your application can be avoided. Check and double check before you submit your application:

  • Insure your application is signed and dated.
  • If you don't type (or use a computer), make sure you write legibly.
  • Insure all applicable supporting documents are attached.
    • DD Form 214 or 215 - Discharge Certificate
    • VA Rating Decisions (block 13a requires the four digit VA Diagnostic Code for your disability. Rating Decisions do not normally show this code. Contact the VA to obtain the Diagnostic Code and enter it on your application, 1-800-827-1000)
    • Orders authorizing the award of the Purple Heart
    • Purple Heart Citation(s)
    • Retirement Orders (Active or Reserve Component)
    • Reserve Retirement Point Computation (7,200)

If you encounter other problems, hurdles or even helpful hints, please let us know so that we can keep other members posted...Thanks...

When you send your application, send it with some form of receipt notification to you. (i.e. UPS, FedEx tracking, or Postal Return Receipt Required)