Army Aviation Hall of Fame 1983 Induction

Colonel John J. Stanko has been the one person most responsible for the Army National Guard Aviation Program. A part of aviation since World War II when he was in the Army Air Corps, he became an Army Aviator in his home state of Pennsylvania as a member of the National Guard.

For over ten years he headed the first aviation logistics element of the National Guard, and then directed the Aviation Division where he has been responsible for safety, operations and support of the ARNG's massive aviation program that included more than 2,500 Army National Guard aircraft located in the 50 states and the separate territories of the U.S.

The National Guard Aviation Program is one worthy of emulation with its safety record being the best in the Army. Its operational readiness meets most Department of the Army standards while its air and ground crews are well trained, technically proficient, and highly enthusiastic. Colonel Stanko has been the motivating force and leader in each of these areas. The National Guard Aviation Program would not be where it is as a member of the total Army without his service as a military officer and later duty as a civil servant.

A true professional, John Stanko earned the highest respect and regard of everyone from whom and with whom he has served.