ARMY AVIATION MAGAZINE, the official publication of the Army Aviation Association of America, Inc. (AAAA), serves as a significant line of communication with the membership. ARMY AVIATION brings comprehensive information about Army Aviation developments to our members and includes AAAA chapter news, membership directories, listings of new members and member address changes, Career Track and listings of recent distinguished graduates. The magazine allows the "troops in the field" to provide updates. Junior officers and enlisted soldiers are encouraged to express themselves. The most popular issue of the year is the annual Blue Book Directory, which contains the names and addresses of key personnel of all U.S. Army Aviation activities worldwide.

AAAA Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships and interest-free loans annually to members of AAAA and their spouses, unmarried siblings, unmarried children, and unmarried grandchildren of current and deceased members. Some scholarships are specifically reserved for enlisted, warrant officer, company grade, and Department of the Army Civilian members.

Army Aviation Hall of Fame recognizes the inductees' sustained contributions to Army Aviation. The induction process occurs every year. It is located at the U.S. Army Aviation Museum, Ft. Rucker, AL which also receives substantial support from AAAA.

AAAA Awards Program recognizes outstanding achievements in Army Aviation in many areas: Howze Gunnery Award; Aircraft Survivability Equipment Award; Avionics Award; Air/Sea Rescue Award; Army Aviation Medicine Award; Army Aviation Fixed Wing Unit Award; Trainer of the Year Award; Air Traffic Control Awards; Aviation Logistics Support Unit of the Year Award; Army Aviation Materiel Readiness Awards for Contributions by Industry; Top USMA Cadet of the Year Award; Top ROTC Cadet of the Year Award; James H. McClellan Aviation Safety Award; Joseph P. Cribbins Department of the Army Civilian of the Year Award; Soldier of the Year Award; Army Aviator of the Year Award; Robert M. Leich Award; USAR Unit of the Year Award; ARNG Unit of the Year Award and the Army Aviation Unit of the Year Award. The Order of St. Michael recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly to the promotion of Army Aviation. In addition, the AAAA funds a Distinguished Graduate Program that recognizes outstanding soldiers from numerous courses to include IERW, BNCOC and ANCOC. There is also a robust chapter level program that recognizes many of these areas on a local level such as the Soldier of the Month Award.

AAAA Locator Service is available to assist members in efforts to locate fellow members.

Hertz Rental Car Discount is extended to all AAAA members. A Hertz discount group ID card is included in your initial membership pack.

With your Membership Package, you'll also receive: a membership card, a AAAA lapel pin and an AAAA sticker, click here to view.