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People give all sorts of reasons for joining professional associations. Whether your specific goal is to make professional contacts, build a reputation, foster the exchange of ideas, promote the profession among the public, support the representation of the profession's interest before government, or just good fellowship and entertainment, the bottom line is, you get out what you put in.

You may look at yourself as a loner, not a "joiner." That's fine, but also appreciate the fact that you are every bit as professional as any doctor, lawyer or engineer. Like them, you deserve the advantages a professional association provides. The Army Aviation Association of America supports individual as well as Aviation Branch goals and objectives.

As a member, you can write articles for ARMY AVIATION MAGAZINE, the AAAA's official publication. Get involved with chapter activities and professional development programs. Take advantage of membership benefits. The information, experience and friendships you gain in AAAA will sustain you throughout your career.

As the political environment changes and the winds of democracy blow strong around the world, the threat diminishes in some areas and increases in others. However, there can be no doubt that Army Aviation will play an even greater role in providing flexible, self-deployable, sustainable and ever more lethal capability in the future.

As it has for over 50 years, AAAA remains committed to supporting you, the members of AAAA, through keeping you informed, representing your concerns, and developing new programs to meet your needs.

Join the professionals - Join AAAA! You won't regret it.