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All Forum presentations are available for attendees only.  All approved presentations are linked below.


Keynote Address
MG Kirk F. Vollmecke, Program Executive Officer, Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and Sensors (PEO IEW&S)

AAAA ASE, AMSO and Avionics Awards Presentation
BG (Ret.) Sinclair, Mr. Bill Harris, Ms. Arena

Program Executive Office Aviation Update
Mr. Ross R. Guckert, Acting Deputy Program Executive Officer

Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) Program Update
COL Jong Lee, Project Manager ASE

Panel: Industry/Operational Support
        Chair: MG Tim Crosby, Ret. AAAA Treasurer
            Ms. Cheryl Paradis, BAE Systems
            Mr. Rickey L. Rife, Harris Corp.
            CW5 Brendan Kelly, Ret., Northrop Grumman
            LTC Richard Williams, Ret., SELEX Galileo
            Mr. H. Byron Green, Textron Systems
            Mr. Eric Geoffroy, UTC Aerospace Systems

Aviation Branch Update
MG William K. Gayler, Aviation Branch Chief, Commanding General, U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence

Special Operations Aviation Update
COL Heath J. Niemi, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command

Panel: Warfighter Leaders
        Chair: COL Michael C. McCurry, Ch., Avn. Div., Force Dev., DCS G-8, Hqs, DA
            COL Ronald L. Beckham, Cdr., 185th TAB
            CW4 Tobias Long, Eagle Team, NTC
            CW4 Stuart J. Bothwell, 1-171 Avn. AMSO

Aviation Mission Survivability (AMS) Branch Update
CW5 Christopher A. Johnson, Aviation Branch AMS Officer

Aviation Mission Planning System Update (AMPS)
CPT Janmichael Guillermo, APM, AMPS

Joint Aircraft Survivability Project Office (JASPO) Update
Mr. Dennis S. Lindell, Program Manager

Panel: Other Service Program Updates
        Chair: BG E.J. Sinclair, Ret., AAAA President
            LtCol Ron Rostek, USMC
            Mr. Dale Gaetano, PMA-272, NAVAIR
            Mr. Mark Wunderlich, USAFRL (2 Videos and static slide)

Panel: Future Work
        Chair: Mr. Ralph A. Troisio, Chief, EW Air/Ground Survivability Division, Intelligence & Information Warfare Directorate, Communications-Electronics Research Development & Engineering Center (CERDEC)
            Mr. Ken Kaminski, Dir., Electronic Systems Lab, Georgia Tech Research Institute
            Dr. Eric Burcsu, Lincoln Laboratory, MIT
            Mr. Jeff Howington, F.A.C.E. Consortium
            Dr. John Suarez, University of Delaware

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