Photographs must have been taken between January 1 - December 31, 2014
Entry Form and Photographs must be received by AAPI not later than:
January 9, 2015

Description of Contest:

ARMY AVIATION Magazine announces its annual photography contest. Awards will be given to the best photographic works reflecting an Army Aviation Subject or Theme. Contest is open to AAAA members. Twelve cash prizes will be awarded:

1st place ($500), 2nd ($300), 3rd ($200), 4th ($100), and 8 honorable mentions of $50 each.

Contest Rules:

  1. Contestants must be current AAAA members in good standing at time of entry and through the annual national convention period (March 2015). Persons who are not AAAA members may participate by joining AAAA and must submit a paid membership application with their entry. Contest is open to all AAAA members of the military, government, industry and private sector.
  2. Entries may be color, black and white or sepia tone digital format images. Hard copy prints, 35mm slides and negatives will not be accepted.
  3. Digital photos must be in horizontal or "landscape" format only. Vertical or "Portrait" format are not useable. Do not crop – send full frame.
  4. Digital photos must have a minimum resolution of 300 DPI, an image size of 3000 x 2400 or larger (8 x 10 inch). (Set digital camera settings on "Best" quality, not "standard" or "regular").
  5. Contestants are limited to three (3) entries and the entry must be the original work of the contestant. Entries will not be returned.
  6. Composite graphic images and manipulated artwork are not eligible.
  7. Photographs must have been taken on or after January 1, 2014 during the 2014 calendar year. Entries must be received by AAPI not later than January 9, 2015. All embedded digital imagery information data files will be checked to verify the date the picture was taken. Digital photographs submitted with deleted or altered data files will be disqualified. We strongly encourage photographers to ensure they correctly program their digital cameras for correct DATE & TIME settings.
  8. Photographs will be judged based on photographic quality, composition and subject matter reflecting an Army aviation theme.
  9. Each entry must be accompanied by an official entry form with all requested information provided. Entry forms are available online at under Photo Contest, or may be requested by email:
  10. Entries must not have been published in any commercial advertising or for profit publications or websites or for any other professional purpose. Evidence of prior publication will disqualify entry. Exceptions may be granted for military command information publications.
  11. Entries which are winners in other photography contests will be disqualified.
  12. Entries as digital photographs on CD-ROM, may be mailed to: AAPI; Attn: Photo Contest; 593 Main Street, Monroe, CT 06468-2806.
  13. Photographs embedded in Word documents, PowerPoint slides, PDF files, or other software document products will not be accepted.
  14. Winners will be notified in writing by mail in March 2015. Winners must provide their social security number for IRS tax notification in order to receive prize money totaling $500 or more.
  15. Winning photographs will be posted on and used in ARMY AVIATION Magazine, calendarsand other publications.
  16. Employees of Army Aviation Publications, Inc. and their family members are not eligible.
  17. Contact AAPI for more information 203-268-2450 or
  18. Any fraudulent information, act or photography will disqualify the contestant.

Scholarship Board of Governors

BG Thomas J. Konitzer, Ret.
COL Louis A. Bonham, Ret.
BG Michael C. Flowers, Ret.
 COL Karen Lloyd, Ret.
 Mr. William R. Harris, Jr.
COL Michael E. Freeman, Ret.
 Mrs. Connie Hansen
COL Thomas M. Harrison, Ret.
COL Robert P. Birmingham, Ret.
MG Richard H. MacMillan, Jr., Ret.
MG Carl H. McNair, Jr., Ret.
BG James M. Hesson, Ret.
BG Stuart W. Gerald, Ret.
MG Richard E. Stephenson, Ret.
LTC Frank S. Besson III, Ret.
Mrs. Dorothy Kesten
Ronald V. Kurowsky
COL Harry W. Townsend, Ret.
LTC Michael Bell, Ret.*
BG Harry H. Bendorf, USAF, Ret.*
LTC John S. Bolton, Ret.
LTC Kelly C. Brown
Mrs. Sheila Cianciolo
Mr. Joel L. DiMaggio
COL John J. Gallagher, Ret.
COL Gregory P. Gass, Ret.
COL Robert E. Godwin, Ret.
CW5 Mark W. Grapin
Ms. Darla D. Hall
LTC John F. Hendrickson, Ret.
COL John A. Lasch, III, Ret.
Mr. Tommy L.  Marks*
COL Steven D. Mathias, Ret.
LTC Stephen T. Mauro, Ret.
COL Michael E. Moody, Ret.
LTC Stanford Oliver, Ret.
MG Rudolph Ostovich III, Ret.
Mrs. Diana Radspinner
LTC Terrance L. Reininger, Ret.
SGM Kenneth G. Rich, Ret.
CW5 Mark A. Riddle*
Mrs. Catherine C. Roache
COL Michelle F. Yarborough, Ret.

2011 Photo Contest Winners

WARNING: All photographs are the property of the owner and are copyrighted.

Downloading of the photographs for private or public use is prohibited. Copying and use of any photograph requires the advance written permission of the owner and ARMY AVIATION Publications, Inc. Violators will be prosecuted.


First Place - "Flying the Colors One Last Time"
by 1LT Matthew L. Miller

Company A, 1st Battalion (Attack/Recon),
151st Aviation Regiment, Task Force Marauder,
Eastover, SC, 8 November 2011; Kirkuk, Iraq

CW2 George Protzman and CW2 Deborah Glenn from Company A, 1st Battalion (Attack/Recon), 151st Aviation Regiment fly the American flag one final time as the unit departs Camp Warrior, completing their withdrawal from Northern Iraq.

01May12 flying the colors one last time
Second Place – "Chinooks – This is What They Do"
by CW2 George P. Chino

Company A, 7th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment, 159th Combat Aviation Brigade, Fort Campbell, KY 17 December 2011; Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan

Sugar Bear 76, a CH-47 assigned to Company B, 1st Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment flying back to Kandahar from the Uruzgan province after dropping off passengers on smaller contingency operating bases and picking up space-available soldiers on their way to rest and relaxation (RNR).

03July12 ChinooksThisisWhatTheyDo
Third Place – "Warriors of Compassion"
by COL Daniel W. Gower Jr., Retired

DUSTOFF Association, Sunrise Beach, TX 20 June 2011; Helmand Province, Afghanistan

SPC Dennis Cater, crew chief, consoles a young Afghani girl who had suffered burns from an unknown source with a small stuffed toy elephant; all of the aircraft in Company C (DUSTOFF), 1st Battalion, 214th Aviation Regiment carry several stuffed toys for the children that these Warriors of Compassion may treat. In the background, medic SGT Lange, watches over his patient.

06Oct12 WarriorsofCompassion
Fourth Place – "Crazy Blades"
by CW3 Lois E. Sharpe

Operational Support Airlift Command (OSACOM) Regional Flight Center, Fort Hood, TX 25 September 2011; Between Louisiana and Texas

Flying a C-12U back to Robert Gray Army Airfield from Louisiana at Flight Level 220; beautiful clouds with "crazy blades!"

11Mar13 CrazyBlades
Honorable Mention – "Formation Flight"
by CW4 Jon D. Campbell

Maine Army National Guard, Hermon, ME 8 September 2011; Western Oregon near Mount Jefferson

A cross country trip from Oregon to Maine; in the background is Mount Jefferson, part of the Cascade Range located in Oregon.

08Dec12 FormationFlight
Honorable Mention – "Leaders of the Cav"
by LTC Christopher P. Downey

Task Force Six Shooters, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, Fort Drum, NY 2 July 2011; Jalalabad, Afghanistan

The Stetsons of four Task Force Six Shooters leaders rest on the nose of a Kiowa Warrior in Jalalabad before a combat mission in the Nangarhar, Nuristan, Kunar Provinces (N2K) region of Afghanistan.

09Jan13 LeadersoftheCAV
Honorable Mention – "International Zone Security"
by CW3 Charles L. Folk

Troop B, 6th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment, 16th Combat Aviation Brigade, Fort Wainwright, AK 24 July 2011; Baghdad, Iraq

Three OH-58D Kiowa Warriors flying in formation over the International Zone, downtown Baghdad, Iraq in the early morning haze.

07Nov12 IntZoneSecurity
Honorable Mention – "Anticipation at the Break of Dawn"
by SPC Douglas B. Graham

Company D, 3rd Battalion (Attack/Recon), 159th Aviation Regiment, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, Illesheim, Germany 13 October 2011; Grafenwöhr, Germany

AH-64D Apaches of the 3rd Battalion (Attack/Recon), 159th Aviation Regiment stand waiting for their pilots and crew chiefs on a cold October morning during a mission rehearsal exercise at the Joint Multi-national Training Center-Grafenwöhr, Germany.

10Feb13 AnticipationBreakDawn
Honorable Mention – "DUST OFF"
by COL Daniel W. Gower Jr., Retired

DUSTOFF Association, Sunrise Beach, TX 24 June 2011; Helmand Province, Afghanistan

SFC Alonso Albright, platoon sergeant and air ambulance aid man, leads a litter team of U.S. Marines to the waiting UH-60 DUSTOFF aircraft.

12Apr13 DustOff
Honorable Mention – "Medic on a Hoist"
by SSG Mark D. Rickel

Company B, 2nd Battalion, 151st Aviation Regiment, Jacksonville, FL 20 May 2011; Port-au-Prince, Haiti

SSG Mark Rickel uses the rescue hoist on a Florida ARNG UH-72A Lakota helicopter to retrieve Texas medic, SPC DeLeon near Port-au-Prince, Haiti during Operation New Horizons. Both Soldiers were part of TF Bon Voizen in Haiti.

05Sept12 MedicOnHoist
Honorable Mention – "U.S. Army’s Family of Unmanned Aircraft Systems"
by William D. "Doug" McDaniel

PM UAS Rapid Integration and Acceptance Center, Huntsville, AL 9 January 2011; Dugway Proving Ground, Utah

The Army's Unmanned Aircraft Systems used at the Rapid Integration and Acceptance Center (RIAC) during the PM UAS Manned Unmanned Systems Integration Concepts (MUSIC) exercise.

02June12 US Armys Family of Unmanned Systems
Honorable Mention – "Aviation Supporting Toy Drop 2011"
by SGT LTC Peter B. Tingstrom

U.S. Army Special Operations Command, Fort Bragg, NC 14 December 2011; Luzon Drop Zone, Fort Bragg, NC

Paratrooper exiting a U.S. Army Special Operations Command Flight Detachment CASA 212 over Luzon DZ in support of Operation Toy Drop, a week-long, philanthropic project where Fort Bragg's paratroopers, and paratroopers from across the Nation, contribute new, unwrapped toys to be distributed to local children's homes and social service agencies.

04Aug12 ToyDrop2011

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