COL Michael E. Freeman, Ret., Member
COL Louis A. Bonham, Member
BG Michael G. Flowers, Ret., Member
CW5 Mark W. Grapin, Member
Mrs. Connie Hansen, Member
BG Thomas J. Konitzer, Ret., Member
COL John A. Lasch, III, Ret., Member
LTC Stanford Oliver, Ret., Member
COL Michelle F. Yarborough, Ret., Member
Mr. William R. Harris, Member (Non-Voting)

*The Executive Committee consists of the four AAAASFI Officers and the Chairs of the AAAASFI Standing Committees.

Read more: AAAASFI Committee

Matching Fund Programs

The AAAA Scholarship Foundation also has several matching fund programs to benefit Industry, Heritage Foundations, and individuals. The AAAA Scholarship Foundation Corporate Matching Fund Program, whereby a corporation may establish a Corporate Perpetual Matching Fund to award scholarships has two parts depending on the size of the Corporation. If the Corporation generates $10M or less in gross revenues the Scholarship Foundation will match the first $15,000 donated over a five year period. If the Corporation generates over $10m in gross revenue the match is reduced to $10,000 over five years. In addition, the Foundation sponsors Heritage Scholarships whereby another unit or veteran's association may establish a Heritage Perpetual Matching Fund by donating $20,000 or more over ten years and have the first $10,000 matched by the Foundation. Individual Perpetual Matching Scholarships are matched by the Foundation up to $15,000 over a ten year period.

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