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Getting Smarter With Help from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Judy Konitzer January 2015
Sharing a Snapshot from AUSA’s Annual Meeting Judy Konitzer December 2014
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How Military Student Transition Needs Can Be Met Judy Konitzer October 2014
Adapting is the Name of the Game Judy Konitzer Aug/Sept 2014
Increasing Our Awareness of Anxiety Logan Denny and Judy Konitzer July 2014
Getting Back to Basics - "Moving Forward to the Past" Grace Hawley June 2014
What Now for the Family Readiness Group? Angel Mangum April/May 2014
Giving Back In a Time of Austerity... Jennifer Sztalkoper & Marie Towner March 2014
Blue Star Families Supports Military Families’ Financial Security Judy Konitzer February 2014
How to Make a Real Difference When Donating to a Charity Judy Konitzer January 2014


What Adults Can Learn from Child Heroes Judy Konitzer December 2013

Planning for the Holidays

Judy Konitzer

October 2013

A Look at What is Important for Military Teens

Judy Konitzer

Aug/Sept 2013

Tips for Caregivers to Help Them Stay Safe and Healthy

Judy Konitzer

July 2013

Lady Night Stalkers Have Fun and,
Just Like Their Spouses, Don't Quit!!!

Carolyn Evans and
Becki Chambers

June 2013

Offering Care to the "Hidden Heroes" of Wounded Warriors

Judy Konitzer May 2013
Army Spouses Taking Care of the Army Family Angel Mangum March/April 2013
Celebrating Families - Fort Bragg Style Judy Konitzer February 2013
MANning the Homefront Judy Konitzer January 2013
Surviving the Loss of a Loved One Judy Konitzer December 2012
Dining Out For Scholarships with the Washington Potomac Chapter LTC (Ret.) Stephen Mauro and Judy Konitzer November 2012
Spotlighting Absentee Voting, Military Spouse ... Judy Konitzer October 2012
Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops Judy Konitzer Aug/Sept 2012
Reflections on “Generation Me” Judy Konitzer July 2012
Building Resiliency in our Military Children Lashelle Thompson June 2012
Free 2 Teach - The First Free Teacher Supply Store in Alabama Leslie Bruton
with Judy Konitzer
May 2012
From the Army Aviation First Lady Kim Crutchfield March/April 2012
Holly Petraeus Becomes our Advocate in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Judy Kontizer February 2012
25th Combat Aviation Brigade Opens a Family Support Center Judy Kontizer January 2012
Honoring Our Fallen Heroes by Supporting Their Families Judy Konitzer December 2011
Observations from the 2011 AUSA
Annual Meeting and Exposition
Judy Konitzer November 2011
Interstate Compact on Education Opportunities for Military Children Judy Konitzer October 2011
Army Aviation Spouse Day at Fort Rucker Kim Crutchfield Aug/Sept 2011
Southern Hospitality for our 3rd CAB Soldiers and Families Judy Konitzer July 2011
Family Readiness Groups in Alaska Michelle "Moe" Polhamus June 2011
Family Resiliency Esther Ein Muskopf May 2011
Scholarships for Families Judy Konitzer Mar 2011
25th CAB Prioritizes Programs for Re-Deploying Soldiers and Their Families SSG Mike Alberts and Judy Konitzer Feb 2011
Preparing Children for Deployment LTC Erick W. Sweet II and Judy Konitzer Jan 2011
South Korea: From Hardship Tour to a Destination of Choice for Army Families Karen Barker Dec 2010
My Best Advice – How One Spouse Handled Her Husband's Retirement Effie Martin-Nicke Nov 2010
A Trio of Program Updates Judy Konitzer Oct 2010
Geographic Challenges For Family Readiness Groups - A Perspective from a Reserve Component Warrant Officer's Wife Brinda S. Grapin Aug/Sept 2010
TAPS: Providing Comfort and Care to the Families of Our Fallen Heroes Bonnie Carroll July 2010
Champions of Fort Campbell Judy Konitzer Jun 2010
Awardee Families Enjoy the Annual Convention Judy Konitzer May 2010
Surging and Task-Forced? Can't We Pick One? Katie Bricker Mar/Apr 2010
Being a Teen in Today's Army Family Michele Gayler with Amy Hutmacher Feb 2010
Interview With the Aviation Branch First Lady Effie Martin Nicke Jan 2010
Can a Non-Aviator, Non-Officer Spouse Join AAAA? Effie Martin Nicke Dec 2009
159th CAB Maintains "Strong Bonds" During Deployment to Afghanistan OEF IX Denise Lewis Nov 2009
Relevant Help for Resilient Warriors MG (Ret.) Robert F. Dees Oct 2009
Continuing the Support for Military Families Judy Konitzer Aug/Sept 2009
Supporting Our Heroes A Fisher House Foundation Fundraiser Catherine C. Roache Jul 2009
Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program Helps Soldiers Build Resilience BG Rhonda L. Cornum Jun 2009
The Military Child Education Coalition: Focusing on the Future Laura Campbell and Judy Konitzer Apr/May 2009
A Home Away from Home for Wounded Warriors and their Families Judy Konitzer Mar 2009
Helping Soldiers and Families Reduce Stress with War-Time Coping Strategies Susan Davis Feb 2009
Troopers' Spouses "Earn their Spurs" by SGT Leslie M. Alberts and Judy Konitzer Jan 2009
New Programs, Initiatives, and Books for Military Families by Judy Konitzer Dec 2008
Making Progress While Remembering Our Way of Life by COL (Ret.) Richard L. Quinn and Judy Konitzer Nov 2008
Recognizing the Stress of Deployments on Military Youth by Judy Konitzer Oct 2008
The Legacy by Vicki Cody Aug/Sep 2008
Astronaut Wives: The Women Who Support Those Who Fly "High Above the Best" by Judy Konitzer Jul 2008
2008 AAAA Convention Family Readiness Panel Highlights by Judy Konitzer Jun 2008
The 82nd CAB FRG Always in a High Hover by Shelle Wheless Altieri May 2008
We Have Come A Long Way by Ululani Packett Mar/April 2008
Help Keep Your Returning Soldier from Becoming a Statistic! by Judy Konitzer Feb 2008
New Initiatives for Military Spouses by Judy Konitzer Jan 2008
Taking Care of Wounded Warriors by Judy Konitzer Dec 2007
Family Readiness Group Lessons Learned-Virginia Army National Guard by Jill McMillin Nov 2007
Family Readiness Group Training by Sherri MacWillie, Sonia Patton and Shannon McRae Oct 2007
Family Readiness Group Rules in Review National Guard and Army Reserve by Judy Konitzer Aug/Sep 2007
Family Readiness Group Rules in Review by Judy Konitzer Jul 2007
Family Readiness Support Assistants What's Not to Love? by Barbie Ball Jun 2007
Greetings From the Heart of Army Aviation, Ft Rucker, Alabama by Ululani Packett Apr/May 2007
Our Military Kids A Program Making a Difference for Children of Deployed Reserve and Guard Forces by Gail Kruzel and Linda Davidson Mar 2007
Transformation How it Affects a Family Readiness Group by Mary Lou Royar Feb 2007
Family Readiness An Army National Guard Spouse's Perspective by Kimberly Larson Jan 2007
160th Family Programs 25 Years of Communication by Angel Mangum and Kimberly Laudano Nov 2006
Spouse Corner by Judy Konitzer Oct 2006