If you can answer "yes" to some of the following, you should nominate yourselves for "Top Chapter".

  • Have you earned the maximum dollars possible from the AAAA National Office for your chapter through the: Chapter Meeting Refund Program ($.40 per member per meeting per quarter); Chapter Meeting Mailing Refund Program (an additional $.80 per member per quarterly meeting if the draft notice is received by the National Office 30 days or more before the meeting); Net Growth of Chapter over Baseline Program ($5.00 per net member); and Matching Fund Scholarship Program (dollar for dollar matching)?
  • Are you nominating your members for AAAA awards at all levels: National (e.g., Soldier of the Year); Functional (e.g., Medicine, DUSTOFF Medic, Avionics, Trainer of the Year); Local Chapter (Have you earned the maximum dollars possible from the AAAA National Office for your chapter Order of St. Michael Bronze Award, Soldier of the Month)?
  • Do a good number of your members, spouses, children, etc. apply for AAAA scholarships/loans from the AAAA Scholarship Foundation each year?
  • Does your chapter participate in community affairs?
  • Are you having your quarterly meetings? Do they include innovative, and successful programming?
  • Have you maintained a full Executive Board slate?
  • Have you been proactive in your interface with the National Office in the administration of its Chapter affairs (e.g., sending in draft meeting notices early enough to allow sufficient time for preparation, printing and mailing of Meeting notices; timely fiscal reports, etc.)?
  • Has your chapter experienced a good PERCENTAGE of membership growth, (individual as well as local business "Community Members"), relative to your 1 January numbers?
  • Additional consideration is given to chapters based on the number of scholarship applications and award nominations received by the National Office.