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Current Network Recognition Voice and Support News

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42nd Annual Joseph P. Cribbins Aviation Product Symposium Presentations

All Forum presentations are available for attendees only.  This is the complete list of approved presentations.

Wednesday, November 18

Day 1 Opening Remarks: Gary Nenninger, TVC President

PEO Aviation Update: BG Bob Marion, PEO Aviation

Industry Keynote Speakers: LTG (Ret.) William Phillips & LTG (Ret.) James Barclay

An Aviation Perspective: LTG (Ret.) Dan Petrosky - Chair
AMRDEC - Jeff Langhout
ALC - John Smit
SOCOM Rotary Wing PEO - COL John Vannoy
MG (RET) James R. Myles

Thursday, November 19

Day 2 Opening Remarks: Gary Nenninger, TVC President

AMCOM Update: MG James M. Richardson, CG, AMCOM

PM Panel #1: LTG (Ret.) Mark Curran – Chair
PM Apache - COL Jeffrey Hager
Boeing - David Neumeyer
LMMFC - David Belvin
PM JAMS - COL James Romero
PM FVL - Rich Kretzschmar
UAH - Dave Arterburn

PM Panel #2 – Mr. Paul Bogosian – Chair
PM Utility - COL William Jackson
Sikorsky - David Zack
Airbus w/Video - John Burke
PM Cargo - COL Rob Barrie | Boeing - Steve Parker
PM Fixed Wing - COL Steven Clark | Elbit - Jimmy Johns

PM Panel #3 – LTG (Ret.) Anthony Jones – Chair
PM Aviation Systems - COL Matt Hannah | Howell - Bo Underwood | Raytheon - Jeffrey Jones
PM UAS - COL Courtney Cote
Textron - Bill Irby
PM NSRWA - COL James Kennedy
LMCO - T.W. Scott