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Top Chapter Awards

Top Super Chapter (over 750 members)

Top Master Chapter (301–750 members)

Top Senior Chapter (101-300 Members)

Top AAAA Chapter (100 members and below)

  • Deadline for submission of Nomination Packet is January 1st
  • All information in the summary and Support documents must have occurred between January 1st and December 31st of the year that nomination is being submitted
  • The actual "award" is a $1,000 donation to the Chapter's Scholarship Fund. The "Top Chapter Awards" are presented to the winning Chapter Presidents, during the AAAA Annual Forum.


This national award was first presented in 1973, and recognized the Chapter judged to be most active in pursuing the goals and programs of the AAAA during the previous calendar year. The vitality of a Chapter, as measured by how many benefits were delivered to the Chapter members, determined the selection of the "Top Chapter". In 2008, the Top Chapter Award was broadened to include three separate awards, one for each chapter category by chapter size: Master (over 130 members), Senior (61-129 members) and AAAA (25-60 members). In 2011 the Top Chapter Award was further defined: Super Chapter (over 750 members), Master (301 – 750 members), Senior (101 – 300 members) and AAAA (100 members and below). Chapter membership baselines are calculated on January 1st of each year.

AAAA Top Chapter Awards Nomination Form

AAAA Top Chapter Award Criteria/Information Sheet

Nomination Packet Requirements

Chapter Activities Report