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AAAA Provides Networking Opportunities

  • 2016 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit - 4/28-30
    * Networking Exhibit Center - Over 300 Army & Industry Exhibitors on the Floor!
    * Over 9000 Attendees Each Year
    * Warriors To the Workforce Hiring Event taking place for transitioning Army Aviation Soldiers
    * Visit the AAAA Community Booth!
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AAAA Recognizes Excellence

The 2016 Summit will recognize...
♦ 15 Outstanding Army Aviation Individuals and Units
   - Press Release 2015 CY National Awards
♦ 3 New Members of the Army Aviation Hall of Fame will be Inducted
   * CW5 Edmund W. Hubard, III | * COL Harvey E. Stewart | * GEN James D. Thurman


AAAA is Your Voice

At the 2016 Summit…
♦ Join thousands in the General Sessions to hear Leadership messages
♦ Stop by the AAAA Community Booth and let us know how we can make your membership experience even better!
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Supporting the soldier and family

AAAA Supports the U.S. Army Aviation Soldier and Family

Army Aviation Hall of Fame 1977 Induction

Lieutenant Colonel Claude L. Shepard, Jr., is cited for his enthusiastic championship of organic Army Aviation at the national level during the '42-'49 period, his personal impact upon the careers of many of the then active Liaison Pilots, and his innovative contributions to the growth of Army Aviation.

As Seventh Army Artillery Air Officer during WWII, he devoted himself completely to the problems, needs, and interests of the combat pilots and worked unceasingly to expedite the supply, repair, and replacement of Seventh Army aircraft, and to provide the most favorable R&R facility for his combat pilots, an Air OP Rest Camp at a resort hotel in Grenoble, France.

As Aviation Officer with Army Ground Forces during 1946-1949, he counseled and encouraged the relatively few Liaison Pilots to remain on active duty, recruited new talent, and negotiated the initial assignment of Army Aviators to the DA Staff.

While at DA, he designed a career ladder for aviators which established a pattern of rotation from flight duty to ground duty and professional education. In another action, he defined the roles and missions of organic Army Aviation when the USAF became a separate service in 1947.

He played a key role in introducing rotary-wing aircraft into the Army by coordinating the initial procurement of H-13 helicopters, and by arranging a contract to train the first contingent of Army helicopter pilots. Through his efforts, authority was given for the Army to procure its first multi-passenger liaison aircraft, the L-17 Navion, an action that enhanced the stature of organic Army Aviation throughout the Army.