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Current Network Recognition Voice and Support News

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Current Network Recognition Voice and Support News

AAAA Provides Networking Opportunities

  • 2016 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit - 4/28-30
    * Networking Exhibit Center - Over 250 Army & Industry Exhibitors on the Floor!
    * Over 9000 Attendees Each Year
    * Warriors To the Workforce Hiring Event taking place for transitioning Army Aviation Soldiers
    * Visit the AAAA Community Booth!
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AAAA Recognizes Excellence

The 2016 Summit will recognize...
♦ 15 Outstanding Army Aviation Individuals and Units
♦ 3 New Members of the Army Aviation Hall of Fame will be Inducted
   * CW5 Edmund W. Hubard, III
   * COL Harvey E. Stewart
   * GEN James D. Thurman


AAAA is Your Voice

Supporting the soldier and family

AAAA Supports the U.S. Army Aviation Soldier and Family

  • At the 2016 Summit...
    Soldier Appreciation Dinner Concert featuring Kellie Pickler - Trace Adkins
    ♦ Soldier Cafe' provides Soldiers and their families with discounted meals and a place for rest, relaxation, and fun!
    ♦ Chapter Sponsored Soldiers will enjoy the Summit experience
    ♦ Spouse Professional Sessions are new this year!
    ♦ 3 cool spouse events are being offered - register now as they are filling up fast!


Army Aviation Hall of Fame 1980 Induction

A recognized combat leader and personnel management expert, Colonel John W. Marr contributed significantly to the Army Aviation Program over several decades of service.

Selected as the Deputy of Army Aviation, OPD, OPO, DA, he assumed responsibility for the development of plans and policies in the areas of procurement, training, distribution, assignment, career development, and strength management for the Army's entire corps of aviators - 26,000 officer and warrant officer pilots.

The management of this highly trained and specialized contingent provided the most significant personnel management challenge of the Vietnam conflict. Colonel Marr's ability to assimilate the myriad of details to which he was exposed and then blend his personnel expertise with the intricacies of both tried and innovative management techniques, provided the impetus to initiate programs that helped to meet all high priority requirements while still maintaining combat tour equity and essential career development demands.

With the end of the Vietnam War, he again faced many complicated problems of personnel management. The rapid force reduction after Vietnam resulted in large numbers of Aviation Warrant Officers (AWO) who could not be properly utilized postwar due to the limited number of aviation positions.

When the decision was made to hold AWO strength at certain levels and to increase commissioned officer aviator strength, Colonel Marr recommended a program for the direct appointment of certain qualified AWOs as commissioned officers. This program, which satisfied the aspirations of many outstanding young AWOs, was economically sound and immediately fulfilled the needs of the Army.