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Scholarship Board of Governors

Mrs. Connie Hansen LTC Frank S. Besson III, Ret.  
  Mr. Paul L. Hendrickson  
VICE PRESIDENT Mrs. Dorothy Kesten  
COL Michael E. Freeman, Ret. Ronald V. Kurowsky  
  COL Harry W. Townsend, Ret.  
BG Thomas J. Konitzer, Ret. GOVERNORS  
  MG Ronald K. Andreson, Ret. COL Karen Lloyd, Ret.
TREASURER COL Michael E. Bobeck COL Jeryl C. Ludowese, Ret.
COL Louis A. Bonham, Ret. LTC John S. Bolton, Ret. LTC Richard E. MacNealy, Ret.
  LTC Kelly C. Brown COL Michael E. Moody, Ret.
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR LTC Edward L. Carnes, Ret. LTC Stanford Oliver, Ret.*
Mr. William R. Harris, Jr. Mrs. Sheila Cianciolo MG Rudolph Ostovich III, Ret.
  LTC Curt S. Cooper, Ret. Mrs. Diana Radspinner
PAST PRESIDENTS Mr. Joel L. DiMaggio* LTC Terrance L. Reininger, Ret.*
COL Thomas M. Harrison, Ret. BG Michael C. Flowers, Ret. SGM Kenneth G. Rich, Ret.
 COL Robert P. Birmingham, Ret. COL John J. Gallagher, Ret. Mrs. Catherine C. Roache
MG Richard H. MacMillan, Jr., Ret. COL Robert E. Godwin, Ret. Ms. Janice F. Smith*
MG Carl H. McNair, Jr., Ret. CW5 Mark W. Grapin COL Samuel D. Torrey, Ret.*
BG James M. Hesson, Ret. Mrs. Darla D. Hall*  
BG Stuart W. Gerald, Ret. COL Carl J. Kreisel, Ret.  
 COL John W. Marr, Ret. COL John A. Lasch, III, Ret. *Appointed
MG Richard E. Stephenson, Ret.