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Monday, October 2, 2017

1300-1530      Depot Orientation Tour
                  U.S. Citizens Only – NOFORN

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

0600-1700   AAAA Chapter Scholarship Golf Tourney
0730-1700      Exhibitor Set up
1400-1700      AAAA Registration
1800-2030  Awardee Briefing/Dinner (Invitation Only)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

0745-1700    AAAA Registration
0745-1700    Networking Exhibit Center Open
0745-0815    Continental Breakfast
                     Networking Exhibit Center

0815-0820    Administrative Remarks
     Mr. Bill Harris, AAAA Executive Director

0820-0825    AAAA President’s Welcome/Update
     BG (Ret.) Stephen D Mundt, AAAA President

0825-0855    Commander’s Comments/CCAD Update
    COL Allan H. Lanceta, Commander
    Corpus Christi Army Depot

0855-0905    Corpus Christi City/Depot Partnership
     *The Honorable Joe McComb, Mayor, Corpus Christi, Texas

0905-0915    State of Texas District Update
    *The Honorable Juan ‘Chuy’ Hinojosa, State Senator, Texas District 20

0915-0945    Keynote Address & Award Presentation
     *MG Douglas M. Gabram, Commanding General, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command
     AAAA Donald F. Luce Depot Maintenance Artisan of the Year Award
     BG(R) Mundt, Mr. Harris

0945-1015    Networking Refreshment Break
                     Networking Exhibit Center
1015-1045    Special Operations Aviation
    *COL Philip J. Ryan, Commander,
     160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, (Airborne)

1045-1115    Sustainment Readiness Model – the Depot Role  
    *Mr. John Smith, Chief, Industrial Operations,
     U.S. Army Materiel Command

1115-1145    Aviation Sustainment
    *Ms. Renee Mosher, Actg. Executive Director,
     AMCOM Logistics Center (ALC)

1145-1230    Networking Lunch

1230-1315    Dessert and Coffee
                     Networking Exhibit Center

1315-1415    CCAD Readiness Panel
    *Chair:  Mr. Christopher Pegues
     Chief, Industrial Ops Directorate, ALC
    *DLA Rep
    *(1 additional SETA)

1415-1445    Networking Refreshment Break
                     Networking Exhibit Center
1445-1545    CCAD OEM Partners Futures Panel
    Chair: MG (Ret.) Jeff Schloesser, AAAA Sr. VP
      Ms. Cristal Rice, Boeing
      *Ms. Kimberley Cronkhite, GE
      *Mr. Mike Boies, Honeywell
      *Mr. David Zack, LM-Sikorsky
      Mr. Joe Ash, Parker Hannifin

1545-1800    AAAA Networking Reception
                     Networking Exhibit Center

Thursday, October 5, 2017

0730-1000    AAAA Registration
0730-1100     Networking Exhibit Center Open
0730-0825    Continental Breakfast
    Networking Exhibit Center

0825-0830    AAAA Welcome
    BG(R) Stephen D Mundt, AAAA President

0830-0930    Soldier to Artisan Training Panel
    *Chair: *MG (Ret.) Tim Crosby, AAAA Secretary
    *Cdr, 615th ASB
    *Cdr, 6-101st GSAB
    *Cdr, 1109th TASMG

0930-1030    PEO PM Aviation Update
    *BG Thomas H. Todd, PEO Aviation
    *COL Joseph Hoecherl, PM Apache
    COL Gregory S. Fortier, PM Cargo
    *COL William Jackson, PM Utility Helicopters
1030-1100    Networking Refreshment Break
                     Networking Exhibit Center

1100-1150    Art of the Probable (AoP) Report Card
    COL Allan H. Lanceta, Cdr., CCAD

1150-1155    Closing Remarks
    COL Allan H. Lanceta, Cdr., CCAD
1155-1200    AAAA Farewell
    BG (Ret.) Stephen D Mundt, AAAA President

1230-1330    AMCOM and PM Q&A BBQ Lunch at CCAD – Hangar 44
    (CCAD Artisans – Invitation Only)

1400-1600    Directors Roundtable at CCAD – Bldg. 8
    COL Allan H. Lanceta, Cdr., CCAD